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Purposes and usages of this website

The Wetlands of India website has been designed in a very scientific fashion in all aspects ranging from the layout of content to the way code is written to the colors used. Attention has been given to issues of accessibility, usability, standards compliance, aesthetics and sustainability. Some features of this site are described below. You can also take a look at the site credits to find out who is responsible for creating this website.

The main purpose of this website is to create the Wetlands Information Network.
On this site you will find:

  • Map Portal of Wetlands of India
    a. Simple maps (DjVu Technology)
    b. Interactive maps (ALOV map Technology)
    c. Prioritized Maps on Inland Wetlands of India
  • Web- Blog for Wetlands of India
  • Mangrove Ecosystem Atlases on using DjVu technology
    a. Tamilnadu
    b. Andhra Pradresh
    c. Orissa and
    d. Mangroves of India: State-of-the-art report
  • Wetland biodiversity databases such as
    a. Species inventory on Angiosperms, Fishes and Birds in India
    b. Bibliography database related to wetlands
  • Regional language interface (Currently Hindi version for the website)
  • Wetlands information which covers
    a. National sites
    b. Ramsar sites
    c. Photo gallery for wetlands
    d. Glossary
    e. Links to wetlands related websites
  • National reports of wetlands
  • About SACON (Salim Ali Centre For Ornithology And Natural History) and ENVIS (Environmental Information System)
  • Opportunities to provide feedback, share your experiences, to get updates of wetlands of India.

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