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Tips to acheive a Clean Environment

1. Think before you buy.
2. Reuse items that you already have.
3. Try repairing it before replacing it.
4. Buy eco-friendly items.
5. Don't litter
6. Don't dispose garbage in open areas
7. Plant trees/Adopt trees
8. Use water efficiently
9. Save Energy
10. Start reducing contaminants at home

Environment Slogans on Water Pollution

1. Never make your water bodies a dustbin
2. Industries must treat wastewater before releasing it
3. What if your kids have to drink polluted water?
4. Four million people die each year due to water-borne disease
5. Kidney stone is the ugliest gift of water pollution
6. Love your rivers to spend a happy life
7. Keep our oceans fairly blue
8. Don't make nature cry, keep your water clean
9. Don't waste clean water, just save it
10. Half of the world's schools don't have access to clean water

Clean India Mission @ SACON
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